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Partners & Services

Based on the fact that car manufacturers have been building unroadworhy electric concept cars since the 1960s, todays customers can’t distinguish between show cars and viable products. Electric Ray is being developed in conjunction with other partners in order to demonstrate the viability of the alternative drive trains by delivering efficiency and perfomance at the same time. The aim of the project is to give a surface, a frame for electric motor and battery manufacturers where they can prove their willingness, commitment and ability to contribute to a cleaner future.

Electric RayElectric Ray is going to appear in many car shows and other similar events. Joining and progressing the project by providing parts, especially drive train elements of the car offers a great opportunity to attract customers, or even eastablshed car manufacturers attention, who are in constant search for better suppliers. 

Production of Electric Ray launches in 2010. The project is moving forward to the prototype phase with the invaluable support from:
SzínMűvek Kft.
1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 122.
E-mail: porta@szinmuvek.hu
Telefon: +36-1-215-2893
Fax: +36-1-700-1804

Styro-Tex Kft.
Székhely:    4034 Debrecen, Létai út 5-7.
Telephely:    4030 Debrecen, Jégvirág utca 14.
Telefon:       +36-52-440-151
Mobil:          +36-30-967-6753
Mobil:          +36-30-399-5281
Fax.:           +36-52-415-783
E-mail:         info@styro-tex.hu