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Design features & Specifications
Drive Train Configurations

The sports car Electric Ray – named after the sea animal producing electricity – was designed on the basis of a new special chassis in Hungary. The main objective of the project was to create a chassis which can adopt various alternative drive train configurations with only the slightest changes by keeping weight reduced and achieving an extremely low positioned centre of gravity. The most important requirement for the design was the ability to use high-tech materials and components by providing enough space and effective air flow, as battery and engine bay ventilation is always a crucial factor on a vehicle propelled by alternative energy, especially considering that this car is designed for high performance and speed. Naturally, besides these it can still be propelled by a conventional, mid mounted internal combustion engine and gearbox up to V12 size. The following two pictures demonstrate two extreme configurations. The chassis on the left has one electric motor and is loaded with batteries in order to provide mileage. The car on the right is a series hybrid, it has fewer batteries but it is also equipped with an internal combustion engine as a range extender. This particular configuration has four electric motors, one for each wheel to provide all wheel drive.

Extreme Configurations

The side battery bays form the main characteristics of the vehicle. This arrangement aims to satisfy the need for hot air evacuation and providing an extremly low centre of gravity and a huge amount of space for batteries in the same time. While concurrents like Tesla Roadster or RUF Greenster have to struggle with balance-problems compared to their basis (the Lotus Elise and the Porsche 911), the weight distribution of the Electric Ray borders on perfection because all high density components (batteries or engine and fuel tank as well) are centred around the cockpit, giving a low polar moment of inertia and very quick reaction to directional changes. This simple but ingenious layout is the key component in achieving the steady road holding, excellent handling and extreme lateral G-forces provided by this car. From a side view, it adds an element in the horizontal plane that emphasizes the massive and low character of the car.

Body and Chassis

The uniqueness of Electric Ray is not just in the inside but in the outside diversification as well. It is a two-seat sports car built on the same principles as GT-Class racing cars. Both the construction and the choice of materials were determined by the necessity of low weight and superior strength. Their proportions are customized to suit the specific demands of this high-speed machine. The car is 4150 mm long, 2100 mm wide and 1225 mm high (with air intake). The wheelbase is 2700 mm, the ground clearance is 100 mm. This design meets the innate expectations to combine excellent racing performance with eye-catching appearance.
Electric Ray

The shape of the body was envisioned to be timeless and original, unrestricted by current fashion or a sellout to retro copying. The body is made of some huge parts of laminated composite of carbonfibre, allowing for easy inspection and maintenance. The design philosophy is rather static and geometric, which has several aerodynamic benefits, but also serves an aesthetic purpose, defining the muscular shapes around the wheels. These geometric lines further accentuate the car’s dynamic attitude; the impression of power yet to be unleashed. The design of the headlight arrangement and the air-intakes are modular, which means that they can be changed for an other one on the a driver’ demand.

Electric Ray

Click here to see the car in different colours.

The chassis layout is completely flat underneath, in order to optimize down force and reduce drag. Venturi tunnels act as rear diffusers to counteract any lift at high speeds. An additional rear wing to enhance down force is also available. The minimal height of the vehicle is also a crucial factor in reaching the remarkable top speeds.

Chassis FEA

Crumple ZoneUnder the body hides a steel chassis developed using the latest computer assisted tools. It both protects the driver and provides superior rigidity while its weight is reduced to the minimum. The reinforced side structure of the steel chassis at the side battery bays also serves as an additional protection against side impacts while front and rear impacts are absorbed by the large crumple zones.


The key elements of the suspension system are the double wishbones. They are A-arms made of precision welded steel tubes. The Electric Ray A-arms are considerably longer than that of competing sports cars, which has the benefit of less trackwidth deflection during suspension movements, providing more controlled and comfortable ride in combination with better handling, less roll and higher cornering G-force. A pyramidal lever construction directly connects the A-arms and the shock absorbers, which allows the shock absorbers to be mounted inside the car. This further improves the good handling and road holding of the vehicle. Anti-roll bars, ride height adjustment system are also included. On one hand the large front and rear wheels are necessary to allow greater cornering speed. On the other hand they leave room for large and excellent cooled brake discs made of ceramic, ceramic-composite or steel alloy enabling the car to have an extremely short braking distance. 


The doorless, open design enables the interior to seem merged with the exterior; the dynamic flow of lines and surfaces continue into the cabin and naturally bind them together. It combines the driving experience of a car and a motorbike by requireing minimal area around the vehicle and giving complete freedom of access to the car in confined areas. There is space for any driver, and the chairs can be adjusted or changed for every driving position. 

leathersThe M-shaped instrumental panel is a unique design solution, its layout is strictly symmetrical, with its elements mirrored in the centerline. All details are refined; the surfaces cleaned of unnecessary obstructions. The focus is on the main control, wich can be placed in the centre or behind the steering wheel. In order to satisfy the requirements of the most sophisticated customers, the main part of the interior is made of an expensive but durable material – leather – that goes together with the modern and convenient surface of carbon fibre elements. Together with the outside appearance, the interior design may also be changed and chosen in person to match colour and shape of the body. Functionality and rich multimedia options of the car exceed the imagination even of the most exacting users and enables the driver and the passenger to enjoy all the latest high-tech achievements in full.